Reincarnation Proof : True story of Shanti Devi, a Hindu Brahmin girl from India

Reincarnation Proof : True story of Shanti Devi, a Hindu Brahmin girl from India -, Turn Spiritual

The doctrine of reincarnation is taken for granted, and almost as a matter of common sense, in a large part of Asia. In the Western world, it was widely accepted before it was anathematized by the Church at the council of Constantinople in A.D. 543. On account of its reasonableness it is again widely accepted in the West. There happened many incidents which stood as proof for Reincarnation or Rebirth in history. And here is an another true story which is a proof of Reincarnation ( Rebirth ). Here is a true story of Shanti Devi, a Hindu Brahmin girl of Delhi, India by Swami Satprakashananda of Ramakrishna Mission in his words. 

It may not be out of place to record from personal knowledge an authentic case of intuitive memory of past life. In 1935 when I was in New Delhi I heard from a reliable friend, a teacher of Sanskrit in a high school, that a Brahmin girl of nine, Shanti Devi by name, who had been living with her parents in old city, had memories of her former life since she had been a child. 

The secretary of local Y.M.C.A. personally requested me to investigate the matter and ascertain the truth. But because of my preoccupation as the leader of the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama in New Delhi I could not take up the investigation. Not long after that I had to leave the city to make arrangements for my journey to the United States.

It was known upon enquiry that the mother of this boy died in a hospital in Mathura in 1925

I gathered from different sources that since the girl had been five years old, she would remark from time to time with regard to certain food and dress," I have eaten this before", " I have put on this before ". The mother paid little attention to the child's prattle. But as she grew up she spoke more definitely of her experiences in past life. She often asserted that she had lived in Mathura ( a city about 150 miles to the south-east of Delhi ), that her husband was a cloth merchant, that she remembered his name but would not give it out ( because an orthodox Hindu woman does not as a rule utter the husband's name ). 

A grand uncle elicited from her the name and address of the husband, who was not a Brahmin, and who even came to Delhi, when the case was related to him. He was accompanied by his son, who was one year older than Shanti Devi. As she saw the son she was deeply moved.

It was known upon enquiry that the mother of this boy died in a hospital in Mathura in 1925, shortly after giving birth to the son. Shanti Devi was born in Delhi in 1926. To verify the case, a party of about ten noteworthy citizens, including the editor of a local daily paper, a commissioner of Delhi Municipality, and a college professor, went by train to Mathura accompanied by Shanti devi, who had never been there before in this life. 

They discovered that Shanti Devi was well acquainted with the place and knew many details of the house where she claimed to have lived in her past life. She also visited her former parents and had no difficulty in finding the house where they lived even then. 

So from at least now people who doubt Reincarnation ( Rebirth ) should start believing in it. 

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