4 Perfect reasons you should stop worrying constant bad thoughts

4 Perfect reasons you should stop worrying constant bad thoughts - Turn Spiritual, Turnspiritual.in

Constant bad thoughts are one additional reason people really worry. Many times they get into a feeling that they are so bad than others, because of their constant bad thoughts. But one thing you need to know is, you are not only the one who get bad thoughts. Yes, almost all in this world get bad thoughts ( sometimes they call them negative thoughts too ).

Many times the bad thoughts are about Greed for money or power, Lust, Anger and a lot. It depends on the situation and personal experiences. Here I suggest you 4 perfect reasons why you should stop worrying about constant bad thoughts.

1. Because it is the nature of Kali yuga

You might already know that currently we live in Kali yuga, the age of Kali (demon). And it is the nature of Kali yuga to impose bad and negative thoughts on people's mind. So, it is just because of the influence of Kali you get these bad thoughts. So what I suggest you is, you should really stop worrying about constant bad thoughts

2. Because mental sin is not at all a sin

This is not said by me, but by scriptures. Hindu Scriptures say that " Mental sin is not at all a sin in Kali yuga ". Many times Holy Mother Sarada Devi also used to quote this to the spiritual seekers who come to her with the problem of bad thoughts. 

This is a great boon to people of Kali yuga. In Satya yuga, Treta yuga and Dvapara yuga even mental sin is considered as a sin. But in this Kali yuga, only sins committed physically are taken into consideration. 

For instance if you get a bad thought of hitting someone for no reason, that's not a sin. But if you really hit him, then it is considered a sin. So now you got an another reason to stop worrying about your bad thoughts. But you should really take care of your bad thoughts so that they don't take a physical form.

3. Because you are not a great monk

Yes, you are a just another human being living in this 21st century surrounded with many bad things that influence your mind. An you are not a great monk who practiced great penances like brahmacharya, yoga and meditation.  So it is quite common thing to get bad thoughts. And, you are not just the one with this problem. I promise, people around you also have the same problem and even they fear to admit it just like you.

4. Because sometimes they are going to turn you positive 

You may think how, so let me tell you a short story. Once a young man got hit with a stone on his head. Then he rushed to a hospital near by for treatment. There he got to know that he is attacked with tumour a few days ago. Because it is still in beginning stage doctors treated him well and saved his life. 

Similarly in the process of avoiding bad thoughts you are going to get treatment for some big diseases like Lust, Anger and Greed which are generally present in all human beings. And in this case treatments for you can be yoga. meditation and lot more.

So, I hope you are satisfied with these 4 reasons and stop worrying about your bad thoughts from now.