3 Tips to cure depression naturally and instantly by yourself

3 Tips to cure depression naturally and instantly by yourself - Turnspiritual.in, Turn Spiritual

People suffering with depression are growing in number day by day. Many consider this as a disease, but the first thing you need to know is it's not a disease, but just a mental condition where you lose yourself in anxiety, unhappiness and sometimes to more serious situations.

Depression is a most common mental illness for people living in developed countries like United States. They spend billions of dollars on clinical treatments for depression. But still more than half are suffering without receiving proper treatment.

So, here are 3 best tips to cure depression naturally and instantly by yourself. Yes, you don't need a therapist or a psychiatrist to cure depression, you can cure it by yourself.

1. Start living in present

This is the first thing you need to do. Many people gets depressed thinking of either future or past. But the most important thing you need to know is that both Past and Future are not in your hands. The only thing you have is Present. You might know this fact already, but the problem is you are not following it. If you had followed this tip you wouldn't have come here searching for depression treatments.

2. Be patient

This is the second one, just be patient. In this present generation people look for shortcuts for everything. They want everything in very short span of time. They need billions in a month, good job in a week, girlfriend in a day and a lot. And if they fail to get it, they gets depressed. Sometimes you need to try multiple times to get something you wish for. But don't lack patience, you are going to get everything you need.

3. Minimize your expectations

This is the last but most important tip. Expecting something from others is a one major reason for depression. It might be love, respect, money, things and whatever. People expect many and if they fail to get them back they get depressed. So just be content with what you have and minimize expecting something from someone.

These are the 3 best tips to cure the problem of depression naturally and instantly by yourself. Hope these tips work for you and get out of depression by GOD's grace.