3 Reasons why English is not an International language, by Rajiv Dixit

3 Reasons why English is not an International language, by Rajiv Dixit - Turnspiritual.in, Turn Spiritual

If we ask someone what is the International Language, they would answer English . Even we are living in a blind belief that English is the international language because we find it as an official language in print and digital media today. Even in big meetings or gatherings english plays a key role.

But, do this language which has an history of 1400 years possess the qualities to be an International language. Absolutely no ! This is not said by me, but by Rajiv Dixit, a great social activist of India. Here are 3 reasons for why English is not an International language.

1. First Official language in only about 12 countries

This is the first reason to say that English is not an International language. English is first official language in only about 12 countries like United Kingdom, Canada, United States and other. There are approximately 195 countries in this world. Then how could a language which is official in only about 12 countries could be an international language. 

English is just spoken besides their first official language in other countries. That doesn't mean English is an international language.

2. Only 12,000 original words in English

This is the second reason. Yes, English language contain only 12,000 original words. You could check it in any big dictionaries like Oxford and Cambridge. All the remaining words are just derived from other languages like Latin and Greek. 

Indian languages like Gujarati and Marathi contain more than 40,000 original words in each of them. And Hindi, the national language of India contain more than 70,000 original words which is more than 5 times that of in English. Most of the words in English are stolen from other languages like French, Greek, Latin and sometimes south-east Asian.

3. Science and Technology is not just taught in English

Science and Technology can only be taught in English, this is another reason people generally say for English being an international language. But people who say this should once know about education system in Japan and France.

 In Japan, they teach all subjects including Science, Technology and CA in Japanese language only. In France, even famous scientists write their thesis in French. This is the third reason for why English is not an International language. 

Not just these, you could find many other reasons also. So, from now if someone says English is the international language, just say these 3 reasons to prove them wrong.