3 Dangerous disadvantages of using soaps for skin

3 Dangerous disadvantages of using soaps for skin - Turnspiritual.in, Turn Spiritual

Soaps for skin are one among our daily products which doesn't need any introduction. I think it's difficult to find people who doesn't use soaps for their skin. Top brands like Lux, Dove, Pears and Lifebuoy are earning crores of money with daily soaps. But do you know that these skin soaps are very dangerous to your skin.

Yes, Skin soaps have more dangerous disadvantages than advantages. And, here are 3 top disadvantages of using soaps for your skin.

1. Soaps contain caustic soda

This is the first big disadvantage. Most of the skin soaps we use today contain Caustic Soda, which causes very damage to skin. Caustic soda is so powerful that it can eat away paint on the surface of metal. Generally, Caustic soda is used to clean the old paint on metals of car and other vehicles while repainting. 

You can observe this yourself. After bathing with soap, let your skin get dried. Then just scratch your skin with you nail, you can observe a white layer on your skin. This is just because of caustic soda used in making of skin soaps.
2. Soaps remove the natural oils on skin

Our skin produces natural oils from oil glands on it. Those natural oils are very helpful in preventing skin damages. But with the regular usage of skin soaps, those useful oils are cleaned away. This makes our skin turn dry and little bit itchy too. So, this is also a big disadvantage for your skin. 

3. Soaps contain high pH level

Soaps we use daily comes with high pH level. This washes away the useful acid layer on skin. Even scientists say that this layer helps skin in defence against micro organisms. By using skin soaps daily, we lose this useful acid shawl and suffer from many skin diseases. 

In fact skin soaps leads to many dangerous disadvantages than these. Many times they lead to loss of useful D Vitamin on skin. This is scientifically proven too. Big soap brands hide these truths because it leads their companies into losses. They don't care about customers, what all they need is money. Skin soaps might make you look temporarily beautiful, but on other side they are damaging your skin and make you look older.

So, from now it's better to quit all these skin soaps and save your skin from damages and diseases. In fact you can save a lot of money too. 

Now, you have learned that soaps are dangerous to skin. Then what are the best alternatives for soaps to protect your skin. Here are 3 best alternatives for skin soaps.

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